Friday, July 13, 2007

New Sony Playstation Portable

Playstation Portable, the development of which was announced at E3 2003 and the release was announced at E3 2004, is a portable gaming player, a music player, an internet ready device and a UMD (Universal Media Disk) based multimedia player.

Last month, Sony was in news as it released its firmware upgrade for its Playstation Portable which can give upto 25% boost in its clock speed. There was a rumours by an unnamed source that the previous firmware version was hacked by game developers and they could allow their games to run on full CPU speed. There were speculations that the high impact games were running at 266MHz where as the full potential clock speed is 333MHz. Soon after the firmware news, it is now turn to introduce a more advanced and upgraded PSP. This includes a brighter screen, a slimmer profile and increased battery life.

The rumours of this re-designed PSP was prevailing from almost a year now. The new PSP looks almost same like the old one, but it has some enhancemnts in it. Revealed at E3 meadia & Business sumit yesterday, this new re-designed PSP would be 33% lighter which is 189g when compared to the present 280g and 19% slimmer which is 1.8cm than its predessor which is 2.2cm. This portable playstation comes with a port to connect the console to your television or to a big screen, it has 4.3 inch wide inbuilt LCD screen.. You can now charge your PSP by connecting to a PS3 or a PC via a USB cable even while the data transfer is taking place. There is also rumours of the memory capacity of this slim PSP. It is said to be 64 MB when compared to the present 32 MB.

This new device is all set to hit Europe, Japane and US gaming markets from early September this year at an estimated cost of $170 US. The new PSP comes in three colors of "Piano Black", "Ceramic white" and "Ice Silver". There is also a package in which PSP ships with Star Wars with an estimated cost of $ 199.9 US. Sony claims that it has shipped more than 25 million PSP units since its launch in 2004.

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